The palette

Looking at the mood board I tryed to identify the different colours that were in it, then I googled the colours to try to find the right ones to make a palette – don’t do that! Go to this site instead! If you scroll down you’ll find allmost any colour you might need, so you … Continue reading

The inspiration board

I didn’t even know that what I was doing had a name until we had a planing brunch with our parents and his mum said: Oh, you’ve done a mood board! I was just browsing the webb,  trying to get ideas and inspiration, googling different kinds of key words that came to my mind, stuff … Continue reading

Theme: colourful!

In swedish it’s actually “färgglad” wich litterary translates: colourhappy. We wanted a happy, festive, celebrational explosion of colour that matches with the mood of the day. Real wedding inspiration found here, here and here     

Let the fun begin!

The countdown has started, the wedding date is set on june 30th, all the invitations are sent, we’re decided on a theme and a palette and i’ve got this to-do-list: welcome sign letter-box “guestbook” cermony programs rice bags drink umbrellas wedding arch decoration candelholders and vases backdrop garlands paper-lanterns seating cards Let the fun begin!