The inspiration board

I didn’t even know that what I was doing had a name until we had a planing brunch with our parents and his mum said: Oh, you’ve done a mood board!

I was just browsing the webb,  trying to get ideas and inspiration, googling different kinds of key words that came to my mind, stuff I liked as a kid, beautiful places I’ve been to, things on my personal “I-like-list”, and after a while, I started to save the pictures I found in a word document. And woalah! the inspiration board was born.

(I like inspiration board better than mood board because the mood in these pictures are a bit off. They look quite dark and a june night in Stockholm is almost as bright as the day. But the colours and the flowers and the stuff is all going to be there : )

After maybe 3 or 4 different boards this is what we decided on, becuase it’s us,  it’s a happy, informal, fun and cozy and, to be onest, it’s also a budget friendly board. Most of the extravaganza from other boards is gone. The top foto with the mirrors is also an attempt to be realistic. It’s a cut out from our actual venue. I put it there because it’s going to be there, wether we like it or not.




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