The palette

Looking at the mood board I tryed to identify the different colours that were in it, then I googled the colours to try to find the right ones to make a palette – don’t do that!

Go to this site instead!

If you scroll down you’ll find allmost any colour you might need, so you can just copy-paste them in to your own document.

or, of course, just let yourself get inspired by the palettes they’ve already put together. Much better,  much faster.

I felt a bit put down seeing that they don’t do palettes with more than 5 colours, ever, and I had 12! Was I planing a totally chaotic mess for our wedding?

But, I look agin at the real wedding inspiration sites and draw my curage from the fact that the theme IS colourful, and that the mixture per se, is what is going to keep it all together. I think I just have to go for it whole heartedly.

But… oh dear …. only time can tell if I’m right!

Here it is anyway, our perfect 12colour palette!

Fig, teal, sage and this light green, are the most difficult colours to come by. Most paper, tissue paper, card stock and other materials are sold in what we usually refer to as “kindergarden”-colours or “Lego”-colours. And that is not the style we’re after. So I’ve spent a lot of time surching more unusual colours. For the moment it seams best to go for the big boxes of mixed colours, the more different colours the better, because if there are 25 different colours in a mix, they are bound to put some of the “in-between-colours” in there to, not just really red, really blue, really green and so on. But I’ll keep you posted when my mixes are starting to arrive with the post. : )


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